• Main dishes

      For hungry men

    • Hura-Hura Roll

      Hura-Hura Roll

      Deep-fried Breaded Sushi Roll Contents are Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon with Sesame Flavored Teriyaki Sauce

    • Kaisen Chirashi-don

      Kaisen Chirashi-don

      Assorted Sashimi on Sushi Rice

    • Teppanyaki Beef & Seafood

      Teppanyaki Beef & Seafood

      Combination Beef and Seafood Signature dishes

    • Robatayaki Kushiyaki

      Robatayaki Kushiyaki

      Assorted Robatayaki Grilled Skewers

    • Appetizers

      Something to start with

    • Popcorn Shrimps

      Popcorn Shrimps

      Small Shrimps Tempura with Spicy Sauce

    • Yoshi Goma Tōfu

      Yoshi Goma Tōfu

      “Goma Tōfu” Sesame flavored Milk Curd

    • Soups

      Warm and full of taste

    • Dobin Mushi

      Dobin Mushi

      Steamed Clear Soup with Seafood and Mushrooms in Japanese Iron Pot

    • Mixed Kinoko Foilyaki Soup

      Mixed Kinoko Foilyaki Soup

      Broiled 5 (five) kinds of Mushrooms with aromatic lightly Bonito Soup wrapped in alumunium foil

    • Desserts

      Something sweet for the end, right?

    • Cream Shiratama Zenzai

      Cream Shiratama Zenzai

      “Matcha” Green Tea Ice Cream with "Shiratama" Rice Dumpling and Sweetened Red Bean

    • Kuzukiri


      Chilled Steamed Arrowroot Noodles served with Black Gum Syrup, Sweetened Red Bean Paste