Uniquely Unagi

Yoshi Izakaya presents the full array of Unagi dishes include Grilled Eel on Sushi Rice served in Wooden Steamer, Sizzling Eel Steak with Sauteed Mixed Vegetables on Hot Iron Plate and Una-don Grilled Eel with Sweet Soya Sauce.

This historical food remedy is crunchy and sweet on the outside, while remaining succulent and soft on the inside. The combination of delicious warm rice and glistering sweet caramel-like unagi sauce over the perfectly grilled unagi is simply irresistible.

Guest may enjoy the Unagi Set from Una-don , Jyu-jyu “Unagi” Steak Gozen or Seiro Mushi-Sushi Gozen with the price range from Rp 348.000++ to Rp 395.000++ per set.

A la carte Unagi is also available, including the Unagi Kabayaki and Unagi Shirayaki starting with price from  Rp 325.000++ to Rp 352.000++ per set.