Children Cooking Class

Children learn so much from cooking!

Exploration is fun! At our Children Cooking Class, little ones learn how to express their creativity in doing a simple cooking. It is a great party activity for the children and an adventure not to be missed!

Maki Sushi and Temaki Sushi
Sunday, 2 October 2016 from 12 noon – 2 PM

Here is a really fun and easy to do by kids, hand-rolled Maki and Temaki Sushi! Hosted by our Japanese Chef, Tomoaki Ito, he will show the children how to make your own maki sushi rolls that requires a very simple skill that they can pick up quickly. And since it is all done with the hands, children can actually play with their food for a change! This is all premade ingredients. No baking required and is so easy to put together.

Rp. 300.000++/child from 6-12 years old
(Free for 1 child & 50% off for the second child, for the family who have Sunday Brunch)

Prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government tax.
For registration please call (021) 526 8080 Ext. 2301

Children Cooking ClassChildren Cooking Class
Children Cooking Class Children Cooking Class